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California ocean picture by Gary Todoroff of Northcoast photos
The Pacific Ocean defies a single description because it is all things, from a flat, calm body of blue water to a black and stormy sea with four-story-high waves crashing onto gigantic rocks jutting out from the shoreline.

Perhaps that's why most never tire of California ocean pictures — no two are alike. And it's particularly true in Humboldt County, where the Pacific Ocean meets and cares for the giant Redwood trees.

This area of California is a day's drive (250 miles) north of San Francisco, nearly at the Oregon border. It's an isolated wonderland where you can enjoy an undeveloped bay. The last one in California not lined with multi-story apartment complexes and big box outlets; in fact, it's takes several hours to drive from Humboldt County to the nearest Wal-mart. The California ocean pictures shown here are but a few snapshots representing the visual jewels this coast offers. Magnificent bays and lagoons hemmed in by national parks and redwood forests span a hundred miles of rocky coastline. Come experience Clam Beach, Agate Beach, Stone Lagoon, Blue Lagoon, Trinidad Head and Fern Canyon to name a few.

Trails often follow rivers, creeks and even along the Pacific Ocean. One of the more popular trails is an 8.5-mile hiking trail called Redwood Creek Trail. It's a one-way hiking trail that leads to the Tall Trees Grove, site of the world's tallest known tree. It towers more than 367 feet tall near Orick.

Citizens of this area boast proudly of fine fishing in their six rivers, a large bay and the finest stretch of Pacific Ocean you've seen in a long time. It's not uncommon to see horses galloping along the shoreline while their riders enjoy giving them full rein on the wet sand.

If you can't come and stay to take your own Pacific Ocean pictures, please enjoy the ones we have posted here and if you took one your self and would like to see it posted on our site, send it along to our webmaster for consideration. We would love to post your ocean pictures on our site. Thank you and see you on the coast. You will never forget your ocean trip to take your very own pictures.
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